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December 26, 2018

Indian weddings are big lavish affairs. No surprise the industry is worth $50 Billion and growing! A lot goes into making a wedding into a memorable event. We start with a location befitting the couple, the costs involved, the dresses, wedding invites, catering and a whole bunch of other stuff. People often choose to call upon wedding planners to help with the organisation while several go for destination weddings as these tend to add a sense of unique elegance to the celebration.

Traditional v/s Destination Wedding

While traditional weddings hold meaning for many couples - linking them to their ancestral traditions and culture, lots of people are opting for more unique experiences, related to the couple with varied ceremonies and backdrops.

Indian pomp, culture and luxury has attracted several celebrities like Heidi Klum, Katy Perry and Padma Lakshmi to have their dream weddings in our country. And when it comes to high profile weddings, destination weddings take the cake.

Planning a destination wedding

With the involvement of wedding planners, planning a destination is easier than ever. Just choose a backdrop - Ocean, gardens, palaces, whatever matches your wedding vision and you are good to go. A nice beach side resort maybe? Or an open wedding in the midst of lush sprawling greenery?

The planners take care of the details (they’ll want to confirm those details with you though). And with all-inclusive destination-wedding packages, your family and guests get to share in the celebration of your union without being burdened with managing the event.

If you think, destination weddings are only for the ultra-wealthy, you may be looking in the wrong places. Cost-conscious couples can also go for the dream of a destination wedding by choosing destinations closer to home. If you live in a busting city like Bangalore, look for resorts near the outskirts of town, away from the noise and crowd of the city, and you’re good to go. Finding such unique locations nearby can reduce costs & effort on travelling, while all your friends and family can join you on your big day as well.

BTW, What’s in a destination wedding package?

A destination-wedding package usually includes an officiant, theme and decoration, food, stylists, stay facilities and assistance with the necessary paper work. You could also hire a wedding planner to coordinate your wedding; this also means that the logistics of pulling off a reception and party are off your plate.

You could ramp up your wedding with lantern floats (think “Tangled”) or decoration works as well as fun events for your guests.

Destination weddings aren’t just for newly-weds though. If you are looking to renew your vows, you could go for a smaller function with some of your close relatives at an exotic resort of your choice.

A Wedding at Clarks Exotica

Every wedding has a unique style and the couple who recently decided to tie the knot at Clarks Exotica had a statement wedding with a perfect venue and theme.

A wedding is the union of two beautiful souls that are filled with love, and so were our lovely couple. The groom hailed from Assam whereas the bride from Bangalore. Their wedding journey took them to Clarks Exotica Resort and Spa in Bangalore. The resort also offers you a tailored wedding package with a team of professional event managers as well as in-house caterers and decorators.

The wedding celebration was a grand 4-day event weaving traditional and unique ceremonies with stunning attire’s and themes. They had it all-a pool party to traditional Mehendi, Sangeet and Thapa ceremonies held at Clarks Exotica. The stunning pictures of the couple and their family paint a fun, beautiful wedding that is sure to leave a lasting impression on all the attendees.

To quote the good folks over at Bollywood shaadis, “Just love that stage set-up of flowers where (the bride) sat looking like a princess as her mehendi was being applied.”

There’s a wedding dream for every couple and with the help of wedding coordinators and planners, you can wave goodbye to all the usual drama and chaos and make some memories with your friends and family.

Marriage is a lifetime event. Make it count.